Westchester CATS Photo Album

Craig Waletzko (Munkustrap) a true Munk

Kevin Loreque (Rum Tum Tugger) Mr "Frisky"

John Sechrist (Skimbleshanks) One cool cat

Carmichael Blankenship (Plato/Macavity) is this the face of an evil Macavity?

Joe Abraham (Mungojerrie) cute smile but beware

This is the only photo that came out of the stage, that's the announcer before the show started

Mungojerrie & Rumplteazer

The Gumbie cat and beetles

Gumbie cats and mice

Skimbleshanks during his number

Gus and Jellylorum

Grizabella, Old Deuteronomy, Macavity and Victoria

Munkustrap and Macavity

Mr Mistoffelees and Rum Tum Tugger

The cast